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Kolletikota Peddintlamma Temple At Kolleru

Kolleti Kota Peddintlamma Temple is located near Akividu, Kaikaluru Mandal in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh. KolletiKota is just 20 KM from Eluru and 10 KM away from Akividu.

There are two kinds of Transportation by road and water. Road way is only available to a certain area and from there you need to travel trough Kolleru lake by crossing a bamboo Bridge or by a Boat till the temple. You need to pass through a Toll Gate for the Bamboo Bridge for which everyone will be charged.

 It is said that this temple had been constructed by a king named Ammadevarayulu from Orissa during the 11th century. 

Peddintlamma is the elder of all the 108 Grama Devatas so had been named Peddintlamma and as she is located near huge water body of Kolleru she had also been devoted as Jala Durga Devi at the same premises of Peddintlamma. Both Peddintlamma and Jala Durga Devi Sharing the same Garbha Gruha is a very rare and the speciality of this temple.




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