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Jain Temple Near Bhimavaram

Peda Amiram Jain Temple is a holy temple not only in Andhra Pradesh, but also in India. This Jain temple is at 5 km's distance from Bhimavaram. This temple is of Theerthankara (Jain prophet) Shri "Adinath". Among 24 Theerthankaras. Sri Adinatha's statue is one of the oldest statue, with artistic features have been worshipping by Jains since time immemorial.

                    It is believed that the Peda Amiram Adinatha's Jain statue is 2500 years old. It come to limelight in Peda Amiram village 135 years back. Adinath Jain's statue at a deep pit in nearly a century and half ago.
                    With the help of Peda Amiram local people, the Jain samaj (association of Jain community) of Andhra Pradesh with the auspicious blessings of Sri Nandan Vijayaji Maharaj laid foundation on 10th February 1965, and constructed a huge temple. In the temple to the left and right of Sri Bhagavan Aadinath Jain's, Bhagavan Parswa Nath Jain the 23rd Theerthankara, Bhagavan Gomukh Jain, Chakriswari devi Jain, Bhagavan Mani Bhadra swami Jain, Bhagavan Nakoda Bhairav Jain laid foundation. These are new. Jain Theerthankaras's statues laid foundation by Maharaj Sri Bhadranand Vijayaji's, auspicious blessings.
                    At present the world's highest statue "Bahubali" is at Shravana Belgola in Karnataka state, "Bahubali" is the son of Bhagavan Aadinath Jain. According to the scriptures Agnipurana 60- 10-12 / Naradha purana 48-5 and Vishnu purana 1/32.60-2-6. The eldest son of Bhagavan Aadhinath Jain ( Vrushabanath Jain) is Bharatha. In the name of Bharatha "India" is called as " Bharata desa " or "Bharath" (India is addressed as "Bharath"also).
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