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Sri Shakteeswara Swamy Temple Yanamadurru

Sri Shakteeswara Swamy Temple is Located at Yanamadurru just 5KM away from Bhimavaram.

               Sri Shakteeswara Swamy has been discovered by excavations many years back. During the excavations Lord Shiva Statue along with Sri Parvathi his 3 month old son Sri Subramanyeswara Swamy are found on a single platform.

The Oldest name of Yanamadurru village is Yamapuri later Yamunapuram and now Yanamadurru.

History and Sthala Puranam of this Temple:

Yama Darma Raju felt bored one day by his job and prayed Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva asked him whats all this about and Yama Dharma Raju replied that All call him as Samavarthi (Equallity) but no one prays him and many feared by his name itself, Shiva gave him a Varam stating that after killing a Rakshasa shiva temple will be build at Andhradesam bringing Yama Dharma Raju a name that Yama Dharma Raju is not only a Life Taker but also can cure people of their dieases, So all people before entering this temple wash their legs and hands in the pond in front of the temple.


               Later on a Rakshasa named Shambura started disturbing the Tapodeekshas of Munis. Munis went to Yama Darma Raju and asked him to kill Shambura, But Yama Darma Raju had failed to kill Shambara in many attempts. Feeling Shy by his defeat Yama Darma Raju started praying Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva being in Yoganista was unable to recognize Yama Dharma Raju. Parvathi Devi pleased by Yama Dharma Rajus Tapodeeksha gave him the power required to kill Shambura. After killing Shambura Yama Dharma raju named this village as Yamapuri later on it had changed to Yamauna Puram and now into Yanamadurru.

               Yama Dharma Raju prayed Lord Shiva that in order to prevent any other Rakshasas to roam in this area Lord Shiva along with his family need to guard the premises, in order to fulfill Yamas words Lord Shiva formed himself in the form of a statue in SHEERSHASANA bangima, While his Wife Sri Parvathi Devi keeping her 3 Month old Son Sri Subramanyeswara Swamy in her Lap.

We can also see old Stone structures used by Sri Yama Darma Raju to build this temple in the premises.

               There is an Island named Shambureevi in Bay of Bengal sea near Narasapuram. As Shambura lived during Lord sri Rama Period this History belongs to TretaYugam this Temple can be said to be built some 1000 years Old.

Sri Shakteeswara is one name among the sahasranamas (100 names) of Lord Shiva.


     Normally Lord Shiva statues are in a form of Linga. But in this temple Lord Shiva can be seen in the form of SHEERSHASANA bangima, His feet facing the Sky and his Hair touching the Ground. Sri Parvathi Devi Sitting beside Lord Shiva with his 3 month old son Sri Subramanyeswara Swamy guarding his Husband. There is no Other temple such like this.


               There is a pond in front of this Sri Shakteeswara Swamy temple all of the Prasadams and Naivedyams are done using the water from the pond. Few years back in order to make some improvements to the pond they let it dry and tried to cook Prasadams for Sri Shakteeswara Swamy with other water miraculously it didnt cook, So the priest dug some mud from the pond and using the very little water from the pond it started cooking, From then on no other water is used for Sri Shakteeswara Swamy.

               It is also said that an underground waterfront travels by this region from the Ganga River so this Temple is also called as DHAKSHINA KASI.



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